Saturday, October 24, 2009

Social Media at work

I've been spending more time networking lately, and have been thinking about the use of social media sites. I've written a little about it here before, but the topic is far from exhausted.

One of the blogs I follow, Candid CIO, just posted a piece on Ministry's new policy regarding social media at work. Like everything thing else in the workplace, you'd like to think that a policy isn't necessary if everyone is working with the best interest of the institution at heart. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. I'm sure Will had to work hard to get the policy they have, and it will certainly need to evolve over time.

A web developer buddy has a pretty strong Twitter presence, but he's paying someone to do it for him. The new UK basketball coach, John Calipari, clearly has a professional web site, tweets, blog, facebook, etc. It's overwhelming, yet an interesting way to access information.

It really is a process of building a persona, whether you're an SEC basketball coach, a healthcare CIO, or just a college student.

Time for me to go update my facebook page...

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  1. I can tell you from experience, employees do need guidance about being responsible online (just like my kids). There have been mistakes, albeit minor. Our SM policy is nothing new. It just translates how our existing policies apply in the new online world.

    Thanks for reading and mentioning my blog. It is rewarding to hear that someone found it worth returning to.